About Me

meBack in the days before digitally generated art/design, I arrived on the scene in the Black Mountain Hills of Western South Dakota (preceding the arrival of Rocky Raccoon by approximately 15 years). I soon learned to appreciate additional tunes by the Fab Four, Doors, Santana and local favorites Rosewood and the Energy that was Tommy Bolin. Throughout my youth I practiced the delicate balance of music, baseball, and art with lots of camping, reading and magic thrown in to keep me out of trouble.

Following high school I continued my education at South Dakota State (1972–74), University of Northern Colorado (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 1977) Parsons School of Design, (MA, Arts Education, 1985) and Rochester Institute of Technology (MFA, Graphic Design, 1989) with a brief interlude at La Poggerina, Figline Valdarno, Italy for instruction in old master’s painting techniques, marble sculpture and mountain climbing. After graduation from UNC I spent some time molding young minds at the Abbey High School (1979–’81) in Cañon City, Colorado and Graland Country Day School (1982–’87) in Denver. I also became mesmerized by the lost wax casting process and joined Art Castings of Colorado bronze foundry in Loveland as a wax chaser and spruer. Upon returning to graduate school, I then experienced the digital revolution in graphic design in upstate New York, subsequently art directing for Rosanne Werner Design Associates and Idea Connections in Rochester. Heeding the call of Horace Greeley, I returned to the wild west of Wyoming, and joined a very dynamic art faculty at Northwest College in 1990. Since 2000, I have taught graphic design at the University of the Pacific, and chaired the Department of Visual Arts 2007–2011. During the summer of 2011, I co-founded and co-produced the pageant DeltaFusion exploring the expressive power of integrating Giant Puppets, Culture and Art!

My precocious daughter, Natalie attends SUNY Purchase in New York and my red-hot smokin’ wife starts kids out on the right track at Oakwood School. She and I reside in Stockton, CA with Jagger the Wonder Dog, and Tilly and Truk the Cats Incredible.

My most recent design project has been a series of digital prints interpreting the likenesses of guardian angels. All inspired by the writings of Robertson Davies’ “What’s Bred in the Bone”. I am just completing a “SteamPunk” piano as one of several local artists invited to participate in the Downtown Stockton Alliance public art program “Music to Our Ears”. 

Neil Young seems to always have had a certain way of expressing things that I tend to agree with. Here is one of his recent thought-provoking comments from Waging Heavy Peace.

“I think I will have to use my time wisely

and keep my thoughts straight

if I am to succeed and deliver the cargo

I so carefully have carried thus far to the outer reaches.”